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LABORCLIN – PRODUCTS FOR LABORATORIES LTDA was founded in January 1968 with the objective of producing culture media, reagents, dyes and other products destined for use in clinical analysis laboratories, biological researches and veterinary medical products.

Following the success found in this area, it was decided to serve another slice of the market, founding in April 1985 BIO DIAGNÓSTICA – INDÚSTRIA QUÍMICA CLÍNICA LTDA., Producing products for clinical chemistry. The group acted like this until 1999, the year in which LABORCLIN assumed the activities of BIO DIAGNÓSTICA, prevailing the brand, becoming the biochemical line of LABORCLIN. Currently it markets the products for all Brazil and foreign market. The Certification in the BPFeC (Good Manufacturing Practices and Control) certification only confirms the concern in more and more to supply products with quality since it follows the criteria of Sanitary Surveillance.

The staff and the Board of Directors are committed to the activities and manufacturing criteria, always seeking the professional and material improvement, in order to meet the needs of our customers and the continuous improvement of quality. Laborclin always strives to help customers develop better ways of serving society, always placing greater emphasis on technical and scientific aspects. It always searches through the Process Managers group and the technical team to maintain the performance with emphasis on the critical analyzes, in order to understand the guidelines and define higher indices in productivity and product quality.

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