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Privacy policy

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This document, hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”, details the manner in which LABORCLIN PRODUCTS FOR LABORATORIES LTDA, headquartered at Cassimiro de Abreu Street, 521, Vargem Grande, Pinhais – PR, Zip Code 83321-210, registered with the CNPJ under No. 76.619113 / 0001-31, hereafter referred to as “Laborclin”, collects, stores and uses the personal data of users of its products and services. Acceptance of the assumptions set forth in the Privacy Policy is a requirement for use of Laborclin’s products and services.


1.1. For purposes of reading and interpretation of this document, the terms listed shall have the meaning as set forth below:

(i) User: Any individual or legal entity, whether a customer or business partner who provides user data for use on Laborclin’s product or service platforms.

(ii) User Data: Identifying data of a particular user, subdivided for the purposes of this document into: personal data (such as, but not limited to: name, email address, home address, telephone); browsing data (such as but not limited to: login and password, product pages viewed, length of stay on a particular Laborclin site) and financial data (bank account information, credit card data).

(iii) Cookies: Files that are automatically created and stored on users’ devices (computers, mobile devices, etc.) when accessing websites that store device identifier and browsing data.


2.1. Laborclin only collects user data for legitimate purposes and in full compliance with the laws and standards set by national and international market regulators.

2.2. Collection may be done on a personal and voluntary basis (when the User provides personal and financial data for a purchase, for example) or automatically (when a User-owned electronic device provides navigation data via cookies or another form of technological integration).


3.1. All collected data is stored on Laborclin servers and databases, in full compliance with encryption security standards such as SSL certificate and PCI-DSS protocols, which addresses the security standards required for card data storage and use. credit.

3.2. In addition to complying with the security standards required by paragraph 3.1 above, Laborclin undertakes its best efforts to maintain the privacy of user data through the use of information security technology and protocols, subject to the available state of the art. according to industry standards. However, Laborclin is not responsible for security breaches perpetrated by unauthorized third parties except for intent or fault.

3.3. With respect to financial data, not all data required to make a purchase is stored to prevent a leak from allowing a malicious user to use the data to make fraudulent purchases.


4.1. All Users, by registering for use of Laborclin platforms and solutions, expressly agree to provide User Data through all forms of collection set forth herein.

4.2. Users accept Laborclin’s use of cookies for information (such as product pages accessed, session length on their websites, geolocation based on IP address), and agree that such information may be used for services such as: navigation, search optimization, personalized and targeted advertising.

4.3. It is possible to delete cookies by the user himself. However, as it is a file that is stored on the user’s own device, it is your complete responsibility to identify and perform the procedure for deleting cookies.

4.4. Users consent to having their financial data stored in order to facilitate future purchases. However, not all data will be stored, according to item 3.3 above. Credit card data is partially stored to prevent any leakage from providing the possibility of using such data for fraudulent purchases.

4.5. The User may delete the financial data at any time and at their own discretion by accessing their own area of ​​the Laborclin service they use.

4.6. The User consents to receive offers, promotions and ordering information from Laborclin directly to their email address or mobile devices (via SMS / Whatsapp). However, the User may opt out of receiving at any time by means of a link or response instructions inserted in all advertising messages.

4.7. User data may be shared with third parties whose services or products are required to effect transactions between Users and Laborclin in accordance with the agreements and terms and conditions entered into.

4.8. Laborclin may share user data with law enforcement and judicial authorities, as well as with the person owning the data, when notified to do so, or in its sole discretion, when it considers sharing necessary to cooperate with fraud investigations. improper use of third party personal and financial data) or any other illegal activity by Users.


5.1. This Privacy Policy may be amended unilaterally by Laborclin at any time. Nevertheless, Laborclin commits to publish the text of the new policy on all its websites, platforms and portals, advising users of the update made. Any access made by users after changing the Privacy Policy will imply tacit acceptance of the new conditions provided.

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